Holidays for Dogs Lancashire

Holiday dog care

Holiday dog care – but it’s not always about holidays. There are many reasons why people need dog care.

Moving house, decorating, ill health, relatives staying for a couple of days? Moving house can be a stressful time for pets, people coming and going, everything moving. Familiar things taken away, the same chaos at the other end. It can be a lot easier on your dog to send them on a little holiday. They can relax, play and be unware of all the goings on. When everything is in place introduce your pet to the new home with your full attention. The same with decorating, strange smells, strange people, places they can’t go. Send them to us for a couple of paint free days! A quiet, loving environment here at Holidays for Dogs is much better for them, just until the paint dries.

Whatever your reason we can help you give your dog the best care. Shirley’s home is fun filled with plenty of walks, love and attention.

Stuff you need to know

Before you book your holiday dog care, you and your dog will come around to visit. You can meet Shirley and see the facilities and the garden. We can discuss any special requirements too.

Do I need to bring anything?

Yes, you will need to supply your dog’s food and any treats they may have. You will also need to supply a current vaccination certificate.

Of course, you can bring anything else you think will help your dog settle and to feel at home. Their bed, blankets and any special toys.

How much will your dog’s holiday cost?

We charge £20 per dog per day for boarding. That includes their first and last day with us.
For daycare, it is £18 a day.

Payment is by cash or cheque when the dog arrives. We charge £26 for bank holidays. These include Christmas Day & Boxing Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday & Easter Sunday.

Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

holiday dog care
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