dog boarding service

Dog boarding service

In a happy and fun filled environment.

Working late? Working away or going to Auntie Silvia’s wedding?

Bring your dog to Holidays for Dogs and rest assured your pet is in good hands with our dog boarding service.

There are more places that you can take you dog these days and that’s great. But it’s not always practical to take them with you. Our happy and fun filled home provides one to one care for your furry buddies while you are away. We make sure they have their favourite toys and their personal belongings with them. We make sure they get their favourite food and treats too. Everything we do is in your pets’ best interests.

There are lots of reasons why people need holidays for dogs.

Business trips and holidays are part of it but there are other ways we can help out. Ill health, visiting relatives, moving house or decorating a new one? Often the packing up of your belongings and the upheaval of moving can be stressful for your pet. We offer pet boarding for a few days. Allowing you to pack up, move out and then introduce your dog to his new home in a quiet and calm way.

We are here for more than just holidays

Moving house can be a stressful time for pets, people coming and going, everything moving. Taking familiar things away, the same chaos at the other end. It can be a lot easier on your dog to send them on a little holiday. They can relax, play and be unware of all the goings on. When everything is in place you can introduce them to the new home with your full attention. The same with decorating, strange smells, strange people. Places they can’t go. A couple of days in a quiet, loving environment here at Holidays for Dogs is much better for them. Just until the paint dries. Whatever your reason we can help you give your dog the best care. Shirley’s home is fun filled with plenty of walks, love and attention.

What’s so good about us?

– Shirley has large garden and provides a daily walk.
– Licensed and insured.
– Over 25 years’ experience caring for dogs.
– Home from home care.

dog sitting service
Your dog’s new home from home is waiting; book your dog a holiday today call:
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